Sunday, February 9, 2020

Managment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Managment - Case Study Example All the meetings had a detailed agenda given to each member before the meeting (Nick at some point even jokes that he had not been given an agenda beforehand), the meeting would normally begin and end at the precise time (pg 20) they had been planned to end, and members of the executive at Decision Tech felt there was simply no enough time for engaging in meaningful debates as the time available was not enough (pg 47). Some of the behavioral norms established at Decision Tech by the executive team before Kathryn took over include: dependence, self-consciousness, superficiality, ignoring disagreements, not talking about misgivings, avoiding the consideration of what is considered a disturbing idea, feeling invulnerable, rationalizing threats away, discrediting of disconfirming information etc. Kathryn had noted that the meetings at decision Tech were characterized by silence, no member of the executive tem argued, and there was an undeniable tension during the meetings (pg 19). Silence in the meetings was not good. This is because it meant that members of the team preferred to keep silent and instead of engaging in meaningful arguments and developing conflicts that are highly valuable to the company’s management decisions. The executive team at Decision Tech experienced the four stages of team development. The core purpose of the forming stage is essentially to enable members of the team to become acquainted with one another and start seeing themselves as one integrated and cohesive unit. During the first off-site meeting Kathryn requested each member of the team to give personal histories. This meant that each would answer five nonintrusive personal questions that were related to their backgrounds (pg 52). After the brief personal history giving session by the members of the team, it was evident that the team was more at ease with each other than any time during the previous year. The goals of the Norming stage are to make

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