Thursday, November 21, 2019

Playtime- Modern Architecture in the future Paris Research Paper

Playtime- Modern Architecture in the future Paris - Research Paper Example Modern skyscrapers, glass apartment, glass buildings and the visit by the American tourist shows a great step Tati has taken to represent modern architecture in the modern Paris. The accidents that occur in the movie show that the people around are not used to the modern architect. Therefore, it is a new thing introduced. The film revolves about how human beings wander baffled by the cities and the architectures. The centre of intelligence resides behind the camera and not on a particular point of view2. Tati created the movie with the focus of creating a new Paris with repetitive housing projects and modern skyscrapers. By this, he virtually omitted traditional Paris except in one scene where there is a reflection of Arc de Triomphe in a window3. In addition, where a woman is walking in a glass building and the Eiffel tower is seen in the frameless glass door. This is seen in the travel bureau where modernist buildings of the world have posters that are identical. The relationship between the people and the modern architecture is put into question. What is the intermarriage between the two and how have people really appreciated it. Has the film industry really grown to accommodate the modern architect? The people in the movie seem to be fascinated y the modern architecture especially the American tourist who seem to be fascinated by the tall skyscrapers and the glass buildings. Among them is Barbara who at the end is given a square present to fit into her head. It is mostly observed that many of them forget the presence of the glass and end up causing accidents. An example is Hulot himself who bangs himself at the glass door. The film industry appreciates the modern architecture by the quality of the pictures it shows. The director used a 70mm high definition camera to film the movie and also in the evening at Hulots’ old friend house the movie is filmed from outside and from the neighborhood yet we can get clearly pictures4. The movie is one that

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